“there are people in this world who we know to be healers—who through innate wisdom, learned knowledge, and extensive training are able to deeply understand the body and its integrated connection to the mind and heart. francesca is one of these practitioners. i’ve been a client of hers for years - both in her capacity as a massage therapist and yoga instructor - and her ability to naturally read where to focus and how to help me improve my posture, strength, and overall wellbeing, is truly remarkable. i would recommend her services to anyone who wants to be an active catalyst of improving their own health.”

Intuitive, empathetic, and very knowledgeable, Francesca Farrell is a master massage therapist who designs each treatment to the needs of the individual. Francesca has a way of listening to your body, finding the sore spots and applying just the right amount of pressure. She is committed to encouraging her clients to finding their best selves and helping them to realize their mind-body oneness. Combining her creative and empathetic skills with her deep knowledge of the body, Francesca Farrell is a massage poet.

Bill Coon
Amazing RMT, energy worker and lifestyle coach. I am feeling so much better physically and spiritually since my treatments. Francesca is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration - she is Intuitive and has deep healing abilities. I am so grateful to be connected with Francesca and Shakti Life in Vancouver!
~ Eryn
Dear Francesca
I’m so blessed to have spent time with you... thank you for sharing your many gifts with me. It was an amazing life-changing experience. I’ve been home two weeks already and I’m working on adapting the many things I learned into my daily routine. I feel so much better.
Many miles separate us... but I feel a special bond with you in my heart.

With love and peace
~ Rosann
I would fully recommend Francesca as a RMT. I saw her for a series of headaches that I was experiencing, sometimes so strong they woke me up from sleeping or made me throw up. I had seen other massage therapists before but I always felt they did the same thing, while with her, I never knew what to expect. Each session felt different as she would use different techniques and approaches in response to our discussions of where I was at in terms of pain, etc. that day. She is obviously very talented with a range of skills at her disposal, which she tailors depending on your needs. She is also aware of the limits of her own practice, and made suggestions as to what other body work could be helpful for my situation. Finally, I appreciate her kind, sensitive demeanour.

Thank you!
~ Z
“francesca farrell has been my long standing yoga teacher. i have benefited from her classes. she provides a positive relaxing environment. she has a gentle, kind voice and gives instructions in a most pleasing manner. she understands the connection between the body, soul and mind and allows and encourages her students to explore these aspects of yoga. she holds us in a safe place. i have every confidence in her and encourage others to give themselves the pleasure of her classes. francesca is very professional and open hearted teacher and i am truly blessed to have her in my life. give yourself the many blessings of yoga through this fine practitioner.”
“Having been a great skeptic about the value of massage therapy (part age, part because Brits prefer being “stoic” about aches and pains) I am now a convert. My shoulders and neck were cramped, muscles twisted with years of poor posture and hours at the computer each day, and friends were beginning to talk about the surgical options they had worked for them! Francesca not only put me on a path to complete recovery, but changed my view about the importance of being open minded about what’s possible with alternative therapies - including some regular “maintenance” and balance in how we use our bodies. Her knowledge goes way beyond being an RMT, and - selfishly - I just wish she wasn’t so busy!!”
“I have been a massage client of Francesca’s for over 10 years now. I have followed her all over Vancouver to the different studios she has worked at because she is honestly the best RMT I’ve ever seen. I have had massages with other RMTs in other cities or while on vacation, and they are always lacking compared to the experience you get with Francesca. Francesca is very knowledgeable with regards to massage and anatomy as well as how to treat the body holistically and is always concerned about your overall health. She is a very caring and sincere practitioner who clearly loves helping people through massage and yoga therapy. As long as I am in the Vancouver area, Francesca will be my RMT. I always recommend her to other people when I have the chance!”
- Emily
Francesca is a truly gifted massage therapist. Her highly effective treatments give so much relief to the body and mind. I have received understanding to how the muscles and joints work and with her suggestions have been able to achieve flexibility that I thought was lost. With her endearing personality and relaxing atmosphere, visits to her are a delight. Thank you Francesca.

~ June, 79
“francesca’s massage work is a meditative experience, one of release and relaxation. her massages are memorable and healing. she is doing what she is meant to do and her massages are her art. so glad to have found her!”

~ Leanne Ogg, Artist
i truly lucked-out to randomly choose a gifted rmt like Francesca!  after researching and putting my energy out there to find a complementary practitioner; and, after several treatments with francesca, i am confident to share that you can: count on being de-knotted. expect non-judgemental responses to questions. trust a renewed awareness of your breathing. and, be prepared for a knowledgeable yet humble, respectful and self-aware practitioner.”

“it is awesome to float out of my treatments feeling at peace; feeling physically and mentally recalibrated.”

“whoa. thanks.... i awoke open. or not closed. i can breathe, and see and think. now i can move, or more like, i am aware of movement. i can feel parts that need love as opposed to those areas being hidden in a tangle.”

~ B