Make one Sankalpa today!

Sometimes for whatever reason, we stop doing the things that anchor us to a feeling of peace and connection with Life. Whatever that habit was that was so good, can drift out of our lives.

Such things as: turning off electronics at least 1 hour before bed, no electronics in the bedroom, not eating after 7, cutting out sugar, refraining from excessive talking, drinking or eating, meditating regularly - can all fade into the background if there isn’t something keeping us committed.

Making a “sankalpa” - a firm decision - can help keep your good habit in your life. This is like the decision you make to grow your hair for a year or to bring your reusable grocery bags to the store come hell or high-water. There is nothing else we need to do at this moment but decide. This decision is between you and your maker… you don’t need to share it with anyone.

I have made a new sankalpa today. I hope you do too!