Holistic Foot Care


This is an ancient self-care practice for good sleep and calming worry and anxiety before bedtime. But I also feel that it is a deeper level of self-love to get to know our feet. We may have been taught they are dirty and it's better to outsource their care. But they are an amazing part of us. They ground us to Mother Earth, and give us stability and security. They keep us aligned in posture and energy. The more we can get to know what our hands can do for our feet, the better our feet, and therefore our legs will feel. This won't be the last time I post on feet! 

Be aware of any contraindications you may have - diabetes, heart conditions or low blood pressure for example. Hot foot soaks are not for everyone. 


Night Time venus Feet Ritual

  1. Soak feel in hot Epsom salt water and lavender essential oil. Include the lower legs if you can.
  2. 9pm is an ideal time for this soak as it is at least an hour or so before bed and at least an hour or so after eating dinner.
  3. Take 15-30 mins only for this soak
  4. After soaking, clean the nails (if needed) and dry the feet thoroughly. 
  5. Get out your organic olive, coconut, sesame, sunflower or castor oil and start massaging it into your feet... between the toes, the sole and around the ankle. Be comfortable and breathe and relax as you do this. Be sure to have your feet on an clean towel that you can re-use with some wool socks you can also re-use nearby. The oil will get into the towel and socks.
  6. After you are finished softening the muscles of the feet, put your socks on and go to bed.